Ghost Ship Slots

Spooky tales of ghost ships have been a part of the seas for millennia. Pirates and predators filled the waters for centuries and many, many ships have met their end at the bottom of the murky ocean. Ghost Ship Slots honors the spooky history of the seas with creepy images and of course, hidden treasure.

Ghostly Design

The design of this game will grab your attention right away. The background shows an eerie hip sailing against a full moon and starry sky, while on the edges of the screen, a dark jungle threatens to swallow you whole. This design, full of dark blues and greens, perfectly sets the tone and creates a wonderful backdrop for the bright, colorful images on the gameboard itself. You will find yourself sailing across the game board in no time.

Watching the Reels

The gameboard itself is five columns of spinning reels with three columns of images. Match the symbols to get a win. When you spin the reels, you will see all sorts of ghostly images and graphics associated with the age of pirates. Seaweed-covered letters and numbers fill up the reels, along with ringing bells, carved mermaids and the spooky ghost ship itself. You will also see cannons and of course, a chest full of treasure and golden coins.

Golden Coins

]There are 25 pay lines, so there are plenty of winning possibilities. You can choose to bet as little as $0.01 on each line for a minimum bet of $0.25. Bet the max across all pay lines for a maximum of $6.25.

Hit the Jackpot

Not only are there 25 pay lines to play around with, this slots game has something extra: jackpots. There are two different jackpots, a minor and a major, and you could win either of them any time. Both jackpots are exciting. The minor offers hundreds of dollars, while the major jackpot will put a few thousand dollars in your pocket. You could probably find something to do with that, right?

Searching for the Ghost Ship

Slots games are everywhere because slots are typically one of the most popular types of games at any casino anywhere in the world. Look for Ghost Ship Slots at online casinos and you will find it. There are both real money and play money versions of this game. Go searching for the ghost ship and maybe you will end up taking all the pirate treasure, too.