Cash Bandits Slots

Even if you don't play a lot of slots games regularly, you know how to play the slots. This is one of the easier games to play and yet it's always exciting and super rewarding. You don't need skill or practice to be a big winner at slots. And with Cash Bandits Slots, it's very possible for you to become a big winner at any moment. This game is designed with a great look, a fun theme and huge jackpots that you will definitely want to chase.

Cops and Robbers

Cash Bandit Slots is built around a very familiar theme: cops and robbers. The robbers have managed to rob the bank and now, they wt to get away with their loot. Will the police officers capture them or will the robbers get away? More importantly, will you be the one who makes out like a bandit when you're playing this game?

Designing the Game

This game has a very fun, bright look that's instantly captivating. The background shows the interior of the bank just after the robbery has occurred. There are bullet holes in the wall and scattered piles of cash dropped by the robbers laying on the ground. Everything is quiet now because the police officers are in hot pursuit of these cash bandits. Will you help them get away and escape with their loot?

On the Reels

The game reels feature images that you might associate with classic cops and robbers games. There are five columns and three reels where you will see piles of cash, flashing blue lights, a safe that is overflowing with money, handcuffs, a getaway car and maybe even one of the bandits...or a police officer who is chasing them! The gameplay moves very fast and you can choose to bet as little as one penny per line across the 25 pay lines for a bet as low as $0.25. Feel lucky? Bet up to $0.25 per line for a total bet of $6.25.


There are two jackpots you can potentially win. The whole time you're playing the game, every single time you spin the reels, you have a chance of hitting the minor or major jackpot. The minor jackpot will add hundreds of dollars to your total, while you will get over $1,000 if you land on the major jackpot. This is a nice little bonus that you could get any time, whether or not you're winning on the regular game.

Playing Cash Bandits Slots

Cash Bandits Slots is one of the most popular online slots games and you will find it any many different online casinos. You can find both free and real money versions of this game, so you can play with no risk whenever you want.