Cash Bandits 2 Slots

Cash Bandits 2 slot game, developed by RTG offers players an enhanced opportunity to win cash prizes. It is fun, entertaining and easy to play providing all the features that Cash Bandits fans enjoy.

Quirky Visuals

The visuals of this slot game are quirky and cartoonish. Filled with details. However there's more, to this slot than its aesthetics. The reels are loaded with prizes and exciting game features that can help you break open the bank vault!. The question remains; Can you successfully seize the loot? Lets take a glance at RTGs Cash Bandits 2 video slot to learn all the information every player needs.


The nice game features 25 paying lines across its 5 reels. The flexibility of these paylines allows players to easily adjust their number according to their preference. The reels are packed with captivating details that make it hard to know where to focus from banknotes surrounding the frame to an impending alarm bell ready to sound off – it truly embodies the classic elements of a heist. However if you want to claim the riches you'll need unwavering concentration and thorough preparation, for your raid.

Betting Choices

For those players who prefer limits they will be pleased to discover that the minimum bet is $0.25, which means just $0.01, per payline. However even high rollers can find excitement in this game with a bet of $250.

Symbols and How to Play

In the world of banking themed slots the real wealth lies within the vaults and game features. To leave this game with money than you started you'll need to rely on hitting a streak and unlocking some extra perks. The basic assistance comes from symbols that help create winning combinations by aligning symbols on the reels. Scatters have a quality as they can appear and they don't have to be on an active payline.

Free Spins Round

Yoy'll receive 5 spins along, with a multiplier. However there's also an intriguing bonus round to navigate through before reaching this stage.

This gives gamblers opportunities to win. Might grant an extra set of 100 free spins if you successfully figure out the code. You'll come across vaults, each holding prizes.

Bank Vault bonus

To unlock each vault you'll require a series of numbers that could range from one, to five digits. There's a 10 digit keypad and the number of attempts you have to guess the code increases based on the number of scatters you landed previously. If you managed to land all five scatters you'll have a maximum of 8 numbers to try. The multiplier can also be raised by another x5; however cracking the code is necessary for a chance, at it! Once the vault feature is completed the free spins round will commence.