Bubble Bubble Slots

Horror movies actually go back to the earliest days of film. The first movie horror villains were silent film stars. People have always enjoyed a good scare. Every once in a while, it's okay to dive into the world of the dark, the strange, the spooky and the creepy. That's what Bubble Bubble Slots is all about. This game takes you into a spooky world that's full of the symbols and images you associated with creepy things that go bump in the night. The difference is that with this game, sometimes you can win money. There's nothing scary about that.

Unique Design

Right away, this game looks a little bit different from the other slots games out there, though the basic mechanics of the game are petty much the same but the design of Bubble Bubble Slots definitely stands out. The colors are darker and spookier, which makes the vivid pops of gold and cobalt blue and emerald green all the more vivid.

Looking at the Reels

This slots game is made with five reels and three rows where you can match up symbols to get a payout. the symbols you will be matching include black cats, meting candles and even bubbling witch cauldrons. The symbols are on circular reels, which already create a different sort of look. Elaborate scrollwork and little attention to details add even more fun to the game. In the background, spooky trees spread out on a nighttime back road to set the mood and the tone.

Playing the Game

When it comes to gameplay, Bubble Bubble Slots has a classic slots game design. Click the button to spin the reels and watch matching symbols line up across 50 pay lines. That's a whole lot of ways to make winning combinations. Bet as little as $0.50 up to $50 per spin. Every time you spin, the colorful and spooky graphics will spin down the screen.

Switching It Up

This is not a traditional slots game, though the gameplay is very much built on the traditional model. This is a digital slots game, which means you get to exercise some control. Change the speed to go slower or faster when you want to set the pace. Turn on the autoplay feature and you don't have to click the button to spin the reels, because they will spin on their own.

Where to Find Bubble Bubble Slots

When you're ready to explore the spooky world of Bubble Bubble Slots, go to online casinos that offer slots style games. Many online casinos that offer slots games carry Bubble Bubble Slots,so you can find this game in lots of places when you're ready to try your luck.