Pharaoh Mysteries Slots

Historians, archaeologists and internet detectives continue to study the mysteries of ancient Egypt. This was one of the greatest empires ever known on Earth. Egyptian pharaohs ruled in Nile Valley for thousands of years, but there's still a lot that is unknown about Egypt. There are still many mysteries to discover and many textures out there still buried in the sands. Pharoah Mysteries Slots takes you into this ancient world where you can hunt for your own treasure and perhaps walk away with lots of loot.

In the Desert

This beautiful game takes you into a desert land with swaying palm trees and massive pyramids in the background. You will see sand and sky in the background and on the game board itself, you will see many symbols that are associated with ancient Egypt. The colors and artwork take you back to those ancient days when pharaohs ruled and pyramids were full of hidden treasures.

Finding Treasure

The gameboard has five reels and three columns where the symbols appear across 10 different pay lines. That's 10 ways to win with every single spin of the reels. On the reels, you will see golden masks, mysterious books and hieroglyphics, the ancient language of the Egyptians.

Unlocking the Mysteries

Play this game however you want. Lower your bet all the way to $0.10 per spin to make the game very affordable to play. Raise your bet all the way up to $25 per spin to really maximize your winnings. Change the speed to make the reels go faster or slower, depending on your mood and the type of gameplay you want.

Treasures of the Pharaohs

This is a straightforward, simple slots game that plays like a classic slot machine from Las Vegas. The beautiful colors and design make the game stand out and give it a fresh and modern look but the gameplay itself is classic and traditional. If you like slots, you will find lots to love about Pharaoh Mysteries.

Play Pharoah Mysteries Online

You can find many different ways to play this slots game. Whether you want to play for real money or play for fun with fake money, look for this game at online casinos of all kinds. Any online casino that has slots games may have this title. Look for the golden objects and the desert sands and soon, you will be uncovering the mysteries of the pharaohs.