Mighty Drums Slots

When you think of ancient civilizations, you might think about Egypt, Greece and Rome. But China is even older. This is a truly ancient civilization and there are still a lot of mysteries surrounding China. One thing you know for sure: China has a long and proud history of beautiful art and amazing treasures. Get a look at the art and design of Chinese culture with Mighty Drum Slots. This game is full of bold colors and bright gold...because when you're playing slots, gold is exactly what you're actually looking for. You'll find plenty of that with this game.

Chinese Artwork

The colors and signs associated with Chinese culture fill up this game to create a bold, vivid design that's impossible to ignore. Vivid shades of red and gold fill up the screen to create an exciting, thrilling landscape for your gameplay. Red is a very lucky color in Chinese culture. It might be lucky for you, too. The game board is a classic slots configuration, with five reels that spin across three rows of symbols. Bright shades of blue, purple, red and gold make the game beautiful to look at, especially when those reels are spinning around and around.

Playing the Game

On the reels, you will see classic Chinese images. Golden dragons, small drums and beautiful gold images bring this game to life. More symbols to the left of the game board allow you to change the number of pay lines in the game, so you can bet a little less money. But there's good reason you want to keep all the pay lines active while you play because, in this game, you can win thousands and thousands of dollars for keeping those pay lines active.

Finding a Fortune

The gorgeous graphics, vivid colors and fast gameplay are more than enough reason for you to try Mighty Drums Slots. But if you need another reason, how does over $5,000 sound? This game has another feature to make it stand out from all the others: jackpots. There are four different jackpots that you could win at any time. As long as you play, the jackpots continue to grow and you could hit any one of them as long as you keep all the pay lines active.


The mini jackpot starts at $100, while the minor jackpot is more than triple that amount. The major jackpot will award you with more than $1,000. And if you hit the grand jackpot, you will get $5,000 or more. This adds a whole lot more excitement to the game because every time you spin the reels, you might hit one of these jackpots.

Searching for Gold with Mighty Drums Slots

When you're ready to hunt for your own gold and tap into the luck of ancient China, look for Mighty Drums Slots at online casinos of all kinds. Look for the bright red and gold, and you'll find it.